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SERGS has been concerned about robotic training and education since the beginning, working on the development and refinement of a curriculum for several years.

The increasing number of robotic platform available on the market will undoubtedly lead to a diversification of the technical trainings provided by manufacturers, which are system specific, hence introduce discrepancies in robotic training.

It is our role, as a scientific society, committed to promoting robotic assisted surgery, to provide robotic surgeons with a common pathway in medical training, ensuring a standardized training on their robotic journey, to help them reaching proficiency in robotic assisted surgery.

The SERGS program has been developed to provide surgeons with a clear pathway to safe robotic surgery, from the idea of becoming a robotic surgeon to being able to perform robotic surgery safely, on the way to proficiency.



SERGS is partner with GESEA in order to promote Minimal Invasive Surgery in Europe, and actively participating in the GESEA4EU Europe funded project.

Young surgeons, already in the GESEA program and certified with GESEA Level 2 in laparoscopy should apply for GESEA robotic certification (part of the level 2 certificate)

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SERGS curriculum

The SERGS curriculum is aimed at all surgeons wishing to embark on robotic-assisted surgery, whether or not they have laparoscopic experience, if they don’t plan to apply for the GESEA global MIS certification process.


SERGS curriculum is a 2 steps programme:

Level 1 certificate

(aimed at surgeons just embarking on their robotic journey, young fellows, residents at the end of their training)

Level 1 certification is agnostic of the future system the surgeon will use.

Simulation based, introducing surgeons to specific robotic skills and introducing to the general principles of robotic surgery.

Assessment of basic robotic skills and knowledge leads Certificate of basic robotic skills competency.


Level 2 certificate

Level 2 is designed for surgeons at the start of their robotic clinical practice, to support them through the learning curve to proficiency.

Level 2 is specific of the system the surgeon will use, with system specific courses.

Based on courses, counselling, learning curve planification and peer reviewed video assessment of robotic practice and safety.

Level 2 of SERGS curriculum leads to the Certificate of SERGS Certified surgeon.



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