SERGS Level 1 certification

SERGS level 1 is aimed for surgeons (trainees to established surgeons) planning to embark on robotic surgery in the future (this future could be around the corner)

Level 1 is a simulation-based assessment of basic robotic skills and knowledge of general robotic surgery consideration.


How to be prepared:

It is highly recommended to be prepared to pass the Level 1.


Theoretical content:

You should watch 3 lectures on :


Simulation exercise:

To pass the simulation-based test, you have to be previously trained, it is very unlikely that you can pass the test without previous hard work on a simulator (it is recommended to spend several hours on the simulator to pass the test).

Time to complete the 6 exercises during the test is limited to 40 minutes and completion of the 6 exercise is mandatory to pass.

If you have access to a simulator in your facility, then you can train on your own.

You can find the list of exercises for the exam below but it is recommended to go through other exercise available on the simulator.


If you do not have access to a simulator, simulation courses will be organized in different locations (information will be provided by SERGS please contact us at


Where can I attend a SERGS level 1 certification?


  • SERGS certifications are held during SERGS annual meeting.
  • During simulation based course with intensive simulation training and SERGS certification exam (various location through the year, please contact SERGS secretariat for further information)


How the exam will be conducted?

Exam is divided in 2 parts:


Theoretical test:

You will take a 20 minutes MCQ test.

Questions will relate to general consideration in robotic surgery, emergencies procedure in robotic surgery, robotically assisted hysterectomy.


Simulation test:

You will have a 40-minute exam on a robotic simulator to go through 6 exercises, each one assessing a different robotic skill.


Excercise list:



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