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The Society of European Robotic Gynaecological Surgery (SERGS) has recently issued a consensus statement, describing regulatory mechanisms and setting criteria for training and accreditation on basis of an evaluation in analogy to the AGREE instrument for guidelines (The AGREE Collaboration, 2001).

With a number of guidance documents also existing and after the introduction of robot assisted surgery in gynaecology over 10 years ago, there is a clear need for the development and implementation of some kind of regulation. As there is at the moment no European accredited training programme or fellowship that might be used to certify specialists to perform robot assisted surgery, SERGS has decided to introduce Pilot Fellowship programme.

The aim of the SERGS fellowship is:

  • To run a pilot fellow training programme in order to assess:
    • the feasibility of a European training programme for robot assisted surgery within gynaecology
    • the possibility touse a standardized training programme for certification.
    • The possibility to evaluate effectiveness of a standardized training programme.

SERGS Curriculum

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Basics on robotic surgery – why and how to start a robotic programme


Peter Rusch

Setting up the robot - tips and pitfalls


Alessandra Antonaci

Robotic surgery from the anesthesiologists view


Stephanie Motton

YEARS – SERGS Institution for beginners and trainees



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