SERGS Certification - Level 2

Level 2 certification leads to the Certificate of SERGS Certified surgeon, assessing proper training, adapted learning curve and knowledge of the safe practice of robotic surgery.

Level 2 SERGS certification is aimed at surgeon at the beginning of their robotic practice, to accompany them in their early robotic journey.

SERGS Level 2 is system specific, meaning that you should be certified on the system you will be working on.


How does it works?

Level 2 certification is a 3 step process, over up to a year of practice.


Step 1:

Introduction course

Attend a technical training with introduction to the robotic system (Industry provided).


  • robotic course in a training facility,
  • SEN (SERGS Educational Network) approved i.e. ESGO SERGS course (Intuitive supported)
  • Locally organized course SEN approved

NB some courses may offer the possibility to receive a technical training on the system


Step 2

Planned Clinical learning curve.

At your facility you will perform robotic surgery under the supervision of your local mentor, or with support of proctors provided by the industry if you are in a newly equipped institution.

You will have to go through 20 cases of robotic surgery, which should be carefully selected in order to have a smooth adaptation to the robotic system interface (it can prove to be challenging to overcome the interface and technical aspects of Robotic assistance, you may not want to add surgical challenge to the technical learning curve in order to be quickly proficient)


You will make a logbook of all your cases.

It is strongly recommended to record every procedure for review and educational purpose.


Step 3

You will send:

  1. your case logbook to
  2. an unedited video of a robotically assisted simple hysterectomy performed by you.

NB: the video should be from insertion to ablation of ports


The video and logbook will be peer reviewed by SERGS certification committee.

After assessing the safety of the procedure and the completed learning curve, you will be awarded the title of Certified Robotic Surgeon.


This certification must be credentialed every 3 years by attending at least one robotic conference over the last three years and an audit of your personal robotic practice over the last year.



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