Train the trainer - online course

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The SERGS Trainer the trainer course is a e-learning course consisting of 12 video modules each followed by a survey monkey questionnaire.

The course was created by the SERGS Past President Mr Thomas Ind.

Going through the course:

Please ensure you inform the SERGS secretary that you are doing the course (

The course moderator will be informed when you have completed each module and will keep a record. A certificate will be issued when the course is completed.


The time spent on each survey monkey will be known to the moderator so if the video is not played, the moderator will know and a certificate will not be issued.

It is possible to do the course without disclosing your identity and e-mail but it will not be possible to be issued with a certificate for obvious reasons.



The course is a benefit of SERGS membership and is free to SERGS members.

A fee of €150.00 will be charged to those who are not members of SERGS or one of the affiliated societies (e.g. BIARGS, Spanish society).



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