SERGS Curriculum - Level 1

SERGS Curriculum Level 1 is aimed at trainees and young fellows who are considering robotic surgery in their future practice but have not operated with a robot yet.


It consists in a competency and safety assessment of your skills on a simulator and general knowledge about the robotic platform you are expecting to work with.


Certification for different platforms (Intuitive, CMR, Medtronic) will be available shortly.


You have to be aware that a certification is platform specific as it comes to « buttonology » and each platform has its own technical specifications.


Level 1 certification is a 2 steps process:


Step 1: before attending the exam


You need to attend online training for the platform you are planning to be certified with (see step by step attached process for Intuitive. Medtronic and CMR online training will be available soon)

You should collect your attending proof in order to show it during the certification exam.


You need to train on a simulator at your hospital/training facility, or attend to a simulation intensive training course ( will be organized on a regular basis)

It is recommended that you train between 10 to 40 hours to reach competency in basic robotic skills. Every type of simulation exercises are relevant during your personal training, including the simulated procedure ( i.e hysterectomy)



Step 2: The exam


Exam will be divided in 2 parts:


Part 1: You will have 3 lectures about robotic surgery in gynecology, step by step robotic hysterectomy and emergency procedures in robotic surgery.

These lectures will be followed by a Q/A session and you will have to complete a test of MCQ about the lectures.


Part 2: After a 15-30 minutes warming up period, your will have to complete 7 exercises on the simulator in 1 hour.


The list of exercise you will have to complete is:

  • Ring rollercoaster
  • Railroad track efficiency
  • Ring tower transfer
  • 4th arm cutting
  • Vessel energy dissection
  • Knot tying
  • Puzzle piece dissection


Skill assessment will be done either with an actual robotic console using the backpack simulator, or with a validated simulator. The warming up session will give you time to adjust to the new environment.

After sucessfully completing the exam, participants are awarded with SERGS Curriculum Level 1 Certificate of competency in basic skills of robotic surgery.

Level 1


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