SERGS Curriculum - Level 1

SERGS Curriculum Level 1 is aimed at young trainees and fellows who are considering robotic surgery in their future but have not operated by a robot.

The Level 1 Certificate consists of two parts:

Part 1 - Online and simulation training done at home/at hospital

  • Online training about the robotic system (industry provided)
  • Simulation training at home ( 5,10,20 hours…)

    Part 2 - 90 min course held at the SERGS Annual meeting

  • Theoretical lectures, Q/A session
  • Simulator training

    Part 2 is directly followed by the SERGS Curriculum Level 1 Exam consisting of theoretical questions with MQA and simulator skill assessment with 7 specified excercises.

    After sucessfully completing the exam, participants are awarded with SERGS Curriculum Level 1 Certificate of competency in basic skills of robotic surgery.

    SERGS Curriculum - Level 1

    Level1 Pathway8


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