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This web-based database is an anonymous platform (as required by the European Authorities for the protection of persons) and is managed in a data center located in France with 2 dedicated data managers.

The main goal of this project called EuRoD (European Robotic Database), is to collect information through a web platform from all Europe concerning robotics procedures, including 4 topics: Myomectomy, Sacrocolpopexy, Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis and Oncological Indications.

This collection is obviously possible prospectively with a personalized login and password which will give you an access to your own data and retrospectively as well, with the possibility for our data managers to integrate the data from your previous excel file.

The endpoint of this project is to manage European multicentric collaborative tasks to strengthen the scientific weight of our publications in benign and oncological procedures.

Some rules have been defined and must be accepted if you want to participate: as an example, the main one is that each center is the owner of its own data. If a center wants to extract its own data it is possible without difficulties in collaboration with the data manager. Possible multicentric trial projects must be submitted to the SERGS scientific committee for validation and the centres must be asked about will to participate: if a center does not want to be involved, the trial will not use the data from this center. Please also note that all participants must be members of the SERGS or of a national society affiliated to SERGS.

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