Elections of SERGS Council Members 2019 – 2021

In accordance with the Bylaws, the SERG Council shall be composed of  twelve (12) duly elected Council members including the SERGS Officers. The term of office for elected Council members is two (2) years, with a possibility to be re-elected for another two (2) years. The term of office for the elected Officers is two (2) years. In order to ensure the continuity of the society, elections are held biennially.

SERGS Officers are elected by the SERGS Council, while SERGS Council members are chosen by a general election amongst SERGS members. All SERGS members are eligible to be nominated, vote and hold elective office or committee positions.


For the period 2019-2021, three (3) elected Council Member positions are open.

SERGS 2019 Election Candidates:

Election rules:

  • Three candidates from different countries with the highest number of votes will be elected.
  • Only SERGS members with active membership* as of June 10th, 2019 can participate in the elections and cast their vote - no exceptions will be granted.

The successful candidates will become SERGS council members for the period of 2019 - 2021.

Elections to the SERGS council start on June 10, 2019.

SERGS members with active 2019 membership will receive an email with their unique code to allow them to cast their vote.

Take part in the eletions and select the best candidates to move the field forward!




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