Since 2009 and its foundation by Pr A Maggioni, SERGS has worked on the development of the knowledge in robotic surgery in Europe, with the emerging of strong international collaboration in different surgical fields like oncology and endometriosis.

Our society is young and we must continue to develop these collaborations particularly with national societies which are interested in robotic surgery but also interested in minimal invasive surgery.

Beside the importantce to communicate, the role of SERGS is also to educate: a fellowship program of 1 year was developed in 2014.

The next step is to evaluate the new technology. For this reason, SERGS, in collaboration with CRG  and BIARGS, has developed a web-based database which is an anonymous platform. The main goal of this project called EuRoD (European Robotic Database), is to collect information through a web platform from all Europe concerning robotics procedures, including 4 topics: Myomectomy, Sacrocolpopexy, Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis and Oncological Indications.

The endpoint of this project is to manage European multicentric collaborative tasks to strengthen the scientific weight of our publications in benign and oncological procedures.

Finally, I think that SERGS must find a place in the recent program of fast track surgery (such as ERAS and GRACE) which is being developed all over the world, particularly in oncological surgery. If the role of minimal invasive surgery is obvious, the potential role of robotic surgery with the possibility to work with a very low intra abdominal pressure is underestimated and must be evaluated…

A lot of work remains and we need all people (doctors, nurses, technicians etc) involved in minimal invasive surgery in gynaecology to join SERGS to participate in these ambitious projects!

Looking forward to meeting you as a member of SERGS or at one of our future meetings!”


Eric Lambaudie



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