Worldwide Robotic Surgery Event in Gynaecology

From 9am CET 19th November until 9am 20th November 2018

World leading gynaecological robotic surgeons from around the world will perform live or semi-live surgery. With presentations and panel discussion from ORSI Academy. Click here to see the schedule

Event hosted at ORSI Academy with Studio and expert panel in the new auditorium.

Registration is free at https://4health.tv

Register now for all upcoming events and to see previous robotic surgeries by world leading gynaecologists. Register here for free.

The WRSE24 event is watched by registrants from 96 countries around the world, making this the largest online gynaecological educational event.

International Faculty:



Rainer Kimmig                               Universitetsklinikum, Essen Germany

Henrik Falconer                             Karolinska, Stockholm, Sweden

Koen Traen                                      OLV, Aalst, Belgium

Giorgio Gaia                                    Milan, Italy

Popov Alexander                            Moscow, Russia



Robert Holloway                            Florida, US

Martin Martino                              Leigh Valley Health Network, Pennsylvania US

Rene Sotelo                                     USC Keck, LA, US



Orla McNally                                    PeterMac, Melbourne Australia

Sang Wun Kim                                 Severance Hospital, South Korea

Rajesh Ahlawat                                Fortis Escort Hospital, New Delhi[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]